DENMARK – The Martin RUSH CS Series is a color LED cove lighting system designed to illuminate interior walls and other indoor spaces. These high output, cost effective lighting strips are a great fit for indoor lobbies, lounges or other spaces. The fixtures offer both basic and advanced control modes, allowing these venues the ultimate flexibility to establish the exact look they need without adding unneeded complexity to the lighting design, installation or operation. Designed to be easy to install and use, the RUSH CS Series is a perfect fit for a variety of applications.

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Available in both wide and graze options in varying lengths, integrators can install up to 10 meters on a single Power Supply Unit (PSU). To power the units, the RUSH CS Series uses a hybrid power and data cable system that reduces wiring and installation costs by using a single cable for both power and data.

The series is available in a variety of sizes. The RUSH CS 300 Graze and 300 Wide are 303mm ( 11.9 in) in length. The RUSH CS 600 Graze and 600 Wide are 603mm ( 23.7 in) in length. The RUSH CS 900 Graze and 900 Wide are 903mm ( 35.6 in) in length. And the RUSH CS 1200 Graze is 1203mm ( 47.4 in) in length.

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