Are you interested in becoming a lighting designer, but don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 ideas to get you going:

1. Do a search for production companies in your area.

This is often overlooked, but possibly the best option if you’re wanting to learn lighting design. Working for a production company will give you a chance to use the gear, and meet people in the industry – all while getting paid.

2. Download MAonPC and Ma3D follow tutorials on YouTube.

If you haven’t been using tutorials for everything in life, you’re missing out. No matter your interest, there’s bound to be a video tutorial to help you through it. Even if you live in a country where few people use MA consoles, it’s good to learn on these (they are some of the easiest to learn) and apply it to other consoles.

grandMA2 onPC

3. Do the first block of ION training at for free.

This is a very good training course, and you can build on the knowledge you gain here by watching more Youtube tutorials.

4. Go to school.

This was probably not what you wanted to see, but it’s a great way to get started. Sometimes schools do not have a dedicated lighting program but include it within other programs. Search for “technical theater” programs or any schools with a theater program.

5. Go to a Lighting Conference.

There are a lot of conferences in the US in LA and Vegas which are basically lighting design trade shows that offer several days of hands on training. The one in Vegas is There might be something closer to you if you search around.

More details from MAGNUM (

LDI Conference and Tradeshow

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