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Guangzhou JR Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd ( A Division of GZ ADX TECH CO., LTD)




Guangzhou JR Lighting(A Division of GZ ADX TECH CO., LTD), a professional manufacturer of Stage lighting, including Wireless Battery Uplighter, LED PAR Light, Jarag Matrix Blinder, Moving Head Light, Outdoor Dome for Moving Head,DMX Controller, Accessories, etc.

From the first day we set up the company, we focused on the business of entertainment Lighting, in the past years, we provided the market with professional moving head, we begin to provide the architectural lighting including LED products. We bear in mind from the first date that our goal is to play as an important role in the international lighting market. We always specialize in technology innovation and idea creativity.
Thanks to the efforts of all our staffs as well as the supports from our close cooperation customers , we have the opportunity to grow up stronger and stronger. 
Hope you can join us to welcome the bright future of JR Lighting.




Our vision is to create an exiting new way of lighting easy to use in different environments so our customers will reach their goals using our products.


We provide the best quality of lighting available in the market that will show in every single venue that our fixtures are display.


We offer reliable service and the most competitive prices to you, good and fast “customer support” is also very important. we are committed to the future and we invite you to join us.