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The LightDome 1500

Product Abstract:

Discontinued Product ; Updated Version: JR-Dome1500S

Product Description

Yoke Light Acrylic Bubbles, Moving Light Enclosures


*** Discontinued Product ***



Updated Version: JR-Dome1500S ***



JR-Dome1500 Moving Light Weatherproof Dome


The LightDome 1500 offers protection against rain, snow and dirt for moving lights;


Including 1500W,PR 5000 and Fine 3000 Moving Head.




Suitable for hanging or floor mounting.


Power supply:220V 50Hz


Cooling: Fans 


Power consumption: 135W




Base diameter: 1000 mm (39.3") 


Base height: 200 mm (7.9") 


Dome height: 950 mm (37.4") 


Total height: 1150 mm (45.2") 


Total weight: 30 kg (66.1 lbs)


Dome: Transparent non-flamable PETT Plastic, Robust dome.


Base: Robust plastic.


Waterproof Lighting Domes,Moving Head Outdoor DomeHard domes for moving heads, Yoke Light Enclosure

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