16CH Pixel Light Controller

Model No.: JR-E16
Minimum Order: 2
Product Abstract:

16CH Pixel Light Controller, Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel Light Controller 16CHx3A for large project

Product Description

Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel Light Controller 340 Pixel/CH 16CHx3A for large project


8CH Pixel Light Controller Description:

  • This Ethernet-SPI/DMX pixel light controller is dedicated to converting the Ethernet signal into SPI pixel signal, which is designed for large project with high-density pixel light, such as matrix panel lights, construction’s contour lamp, etc. Besides converting Ethernetbased control protocols into various LED driving IC signal, it also outputs DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of led lamp, and to achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamp in the same project.

8CH Pixel Light Controller Specifications:

  • 1. With LCD display and built-in WEB SERVER setting interface, easy operation.
  • 2. Support Ethernet DMX protocol ArtNet, can be expanded to other protocols.
  • 3. Multi SPI (TTL) signal output, up to 5440 pixels control.
  • 4. Output DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types led lamp.
  • 5. Support various LED driving IC,flexible control.
  • 6. Support online firmware upgrade.
  • 7. Adopt DIP plug-in design for the easily-worn parts, Users can repair the damage caused by wrong wiring or short circuit.
  • 8. Built-in test mode, using a network interface with indicator light, work status is clear when at a glance.Supports the following pixel protocols (only one type at a time per controller):WS2811
    P9813 Series
Ethernet-SPI pixel light controller
Artnet to SPI Controller

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